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There are various ways to contact the freemyipod team.

Please do not contact us about any iOS device like iPod touch. We don't do anything with them nor can we help you with anything on these devices.


We have some fairly active IRC channels on freenode. Some channels are logged, please check for the logfiles.


This is our support channel. If you have questions or problems concerning our software, this is the place to ask.

If you have questions about rockbox that are not iPod related, please look for support at and if you happen to have any question related to the original iPod firmware please ask elsewhere.


This channel is for anything else related to the project, mainly focused on development. If you want to get a better knowledge about the technical details of something or want to contribute to the project we will be glad to help you.


This is our offtopic channel. Any stuff that is not related to the project should be discussed there.

Mailing lists

We have several mailing lists. You can find them on


This list is for questions on the project, development related stuff and everything else related to the project. Feel free to post here if you want to help out (also see Contributing) or just have a question on something.


This is a information-only list that posts a mail whenever a developer commits something into the Subversion repositiory. You can not post to this list.

  • You can subscribe to it here


If you want to contact one of the core members directly you can send a mail to <member name> Please only use this if you really want to contact this specific member, if you have a general question, suggestion or request please send it to the mailing list.